CALS researchers thanked for mentoring students in the Summer Research Program

The College received a “thank-you” note this week for its contributions to the Integrated Biological Sciences Summer Research Program. Faculty members and graduate students from eight CALS departments mentored students in the IBS-SRP during 2005 and 2006. The IBS-SRP is a 10-week program geared toward students from targeted minority groups, disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds or small colleges. The program offers each of the students the opportunity to conducts his or her own independent research project, under the watchful eye of a UW-Madison graduate student mentor. The main goals of the program are to inspire students to pursue graduate studies in the biological sciences (and to encourage them to do so at UW-Madison). The program also gives the UW-Madison graduate student mentors an opportunity to get some one-on-one teaching experience.

“The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences’ support of IBS-SRP contributes directly to the Campus Strategic Plan goals to Promote Research by increasing opportunities for student involvement in original research, enhancing graduate program recruiting and providing professional development opportunities to mentors,” notes Janet Branchaw, director of the IBS-SRP. “It also contributes to the Diversity Plan 2008 goals by bringing students of color to campus and encouraging them to consider UW-Madison for graduate school.”

Branchaw noted the contributions of the following faculty members, many of whom hosted more than one SRP students in their labs over the past two summers.
  • Jean Michel Ane’, Agronomy
  • Shawn Kaeppler, Agronomy
  • Heidi Kaeppler, Agronomy
  • John Parrish, Animal Science
  • George Phillips, Biochemistry
  • Julie Mitchell, Biochemistry/Mathematics/Biomedical Engineering
  • Christiane Wiese, Biochemistry
  • Patrick Masson, Genetics
  • Ahna Skop, Genetics
  • Richard Vierstra, Genetics
  • John Doebley, Genetics
  • Sara Patterson, Horticulture
  • Phil Simon, Horticulture
  • Rick Eisenstein, Nutritional Sciences
  • Denise Ney, Nutritional Sciences
  • Paul Ahlquist, Plant Pathology & Oncology
  • William Karasov, Wildlife Ecology