Status of Wisconsin Agriculture report available online

The 2007 edition of Status of Wisconsin Agriculture is in print and available online. Status of Wisconsin Agriculture is an annual agricultural situation and outlook report authored primarily by faculty in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.

The report contains three parts: 1) a brief overview of the financial environment in the Wisconsin farming sector; 2) a review of current conditions in major Wisconsin commodity sub-sectors with forecasts for 2007; and 3) special articles dealing with longer-term issues facing Wisconsin agriculture.

This year’s Status of Wisconsin Agriculture contains two special articles. In the first, grain marketing specialist Randall Fortenbery takes a critical look at the biofuel boom, focusing on how the industry has succeeded in fulfilling objectives of renewable energy proponents. In the second, agricultural policy specialist Ed Jesse reviews conditions that will influence new omnibus farm legislation to be debated in 2007 and speculates on the contents of the new farm bill.

Status of Wisconsin Agriculture may be downloaded free from the Internet in Adobe Acrobat® format at The faculty of the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics welcomes comments and questions on material in this report. They also encourage suggestions regarding rural Wisconsin issues that they might address in subsequent editions.