Workshop offer opportunities to hone leadership and career development skills

The UW-Madison Office of Human Resource Development is offering several leadership and professional development workshops in the this winter. Topics include career development, perceptual thinking, supervising difficult employees, the UW budget process, and transformative leadership.

“Building on Your Strengths Career Development Workshop” with Don Schutt. Interested in considering your career in a more planful manner? A more affirming career development process can be achieved by combining life-planning concepts with the Appreciative Inquiry process. Using this approach, career development processes emerge as Appreciating, Envisioning, Co-constructing, and Sustaining. This also shifts the focus of the career planning process toward a strength-based whole-person, whole-life approach. If you are interested in learning more, please join us for this two-session series focused on identifying individual strengths and positive experiences to use as a foundation for career planning. Any questions, please contact the series facilitator Don Schutt, 608-263-1016, January 26 and February 9, 8:45-11:45 a.m., 220 Ingraham Hall FREE! Register at:

“Perceptual Thinking Patterns,” with Denis Jess and Vida Groman. The Mind at WorkPTP’ is a practical tool to help individuals, families and organizations create the understanding of self and others that leads to effective and satisfying outcomes. Individuals receive and express information in different ways. As a result, many miscommunications occur at work and within our intimate relationships. These miscommunications may and often do lead to conflicts and deep hurts. The Perceptual Thinking Patterns’ model is a concrete tool that can help you learn, process and communicate more effectively in the world. The principles of the model are easy to understand and are immediately applicable in the workplace and in the home. This is a special learning opportunity! Please join us…January 29th, 9am-4pm, 220 Ingraham Hall, $90
Register at:

“Supervising Difficult Employees” with Steve Pearson, Employee Assistance Office. Supervisors often find themselves challenged, distressed, or vexed by a myriad of personal problems that seem to regularly accompany some of their employees to work. Such problems — depression, divorce, substance abuse, anger management, to name a few — tax a supervisor’s skill and emotional well-being. Employees with these challenges can create a profound and pervasive sense of uneasiness which disrupts the ability of their supervisors and co-workers to function in a professional and productive manner. This workshop will focus on options supervisors have in responding to employees with such difficulties. February 8th, 1-4pm, 220 Ingraham Hall, FREE! Register at:

“Overview of the Budget Process” with Vice-Chancellor Darrell Bazzell. Have you ever wondered how the UW-Madison budget process really works? Have you ever wondered why you cannot transfer funds from one account to another (in some cases) but can readily do so (in other cases)? Would you like to better understand why things are the way they are? Well, this is your opportunity to get answers to these questions! Darrell Bazzell, Vice Chancellor for Administration, will be leading a two-hour workshop to answer these (and other) pertinent budget questions, as well as to provide an opportunity for participants to practice the process of developing a department budget and using that experience as a basic for learning the opportunities and pitfalls that can happen. Darrell will cover the ‘big picture’ of the budget process, but will also provide some of the specific information you need to improve your participation in the process. February 9th, 1-3pm, 220 Ingraham Hall, FREE Register at:

“Spring Study Group on ‘Transformative Leadership: Sustaining Change with Integrity, Leadership, and Empowerment,” with Harry Webne-Behrman, OHRD. As we engage in addressing the challenges and complexities of our current work environments, we are required to approach leadership in new, often radically innovative, ways. The concept of “transformative leadership” embraces this challenge, calling upon us to receive the resistance posed by obstacles and transform that energy into constructive, significant opportunities for growth and impact. This study group will analyze the ideas that frame the approach, examine situations in which they are applied (and might be applied), and challenge participants to utilize specific strategies that are transparent, collaborative, inclusive, and meaningful for both staff and the customers we seek to serve. February 19th thru March 26th (six Mondays), 2:30 – 4:30pm, 220 Ingraham Hall, FREE! Register at: