An update on Tuition Remission including State (101) RA’s, Hatch and Humanities

Tuition remission charges of $4,000 per semester ($8,000 annually) go into effectJanuary 1, 2007. An email from Vice Chancellor Darrell Bazzell detailing this implementation and addressing FAQs, dated December 14, 2006, should have been forwarded to faculty members via their departments. Documents forwarded in the Bazzell email can be downloaded at

There are some noteworthy exceptions for CALS:

  • State funded RAs (fund 101) will only be assessed at a 25 percent rate through June 30, 2008. This would be $2,000 annually or $1,000/semester at the current rate. The FY 08-09 assessment will increase to 50 percent of the assessed rate, and FY 09-10 will be assessed at 75 percent. Beginning July 1, 2010 these 101 funded RAs will be assessed at the full campus rate.
  • Federal Formula funded RAs (Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, Animal Health funds) will be exempt from tuition remission through June 30, 2010, after which they will be charged the full remission rate.
  • We are currently in negotiation with campus for tuition remission relief for CALS’ faculty in the Humanities division. A $500,000 annual fund has by established by campus to address remission needs in the arts and humanities. CALS Humanities faculty have been asked to send the Dean’s office a description of their needs for tuition remission.