Cayuse424 Update

Cayuse is up and available for use in preparing and submitting your NIH applications. Individuals planning to submit NIH R01s for the February 5 deadline must use the Cayuse system. Please do the following:

1. Attend a campus training session. To register, go to OHRD’s course catalog at

2. Contact your CALS Research Division contact to alert them of your intended submission.
• Meredith Luschen
• Becky Bound
• Dan Olson

3. Complete your “Professional Profile” in the Cayuse system. Please first attend Cayuse training — then if you need assistance, contact your Department Administrator, Meredith, Becky, or Dan. Please note that complete and accurate entry of your “Professional Profile” is critical to successful use of the Cayuse system.

4. Plan ahead — this is a new system and the “first” R01 deadline which must be submitted electronically. Do not delay — submissions should be completed a week in advance of the deadline. Your submission for the NIH February 5, 2007, deadline should be submitted by campus no later than January 29, 2007.

Reminders (as noted in eCALS 11/20/06):
1.  You’ll need a UW-Madison NetID and password to log on to the Cayuse system. If you do not have one, get it now (at ).

2. Make sure your name, office address, office phone, and email address are correct in the campus directory. (Check at .) This information will load automatically into the Cayuse system.

3. If you do not have an NIH Commons ID, contact Casey at You MUST have an NIH Commons ID to submit to NIH.

IMPORTANT:  Information needed regarding inclusion of subcontractors:  If you will have a subcontractor included in your NIH R01 February 5, 2007, application contact Carol Hillmer at right away.  Subcontractors for inclusion must be set up in the Cayuse system by RSP in order for them to be included in your application.  Please advise the Institution (name/city/state) so we can work with RSP to assure their set up.

Information/Tools/Listserv:  See RSP’s site for helpful information and tools regarding Cayuse, as well as a Listserv available for Cayuse users.  See RSP’s site at: