Memo from Provost on 2006-2007 Faculty Salary Equity Reviews

UW-Madison Faculty Salary Data by Gender, Rank, and Years since Degree information for 2005-06, prepared by the Office of Academic Planning and Analysis, is available to assist you in assessing whether an individual faculty member’s salary is appropriately and equitably related to career merit. This data is based on 2005-06 salaries. Updated information, based on 2006-07 salaries, will be available in February 2007.

Faculty Salary Data Available:

Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, and Faculty may review “2005-06 UW-Madison Faculty Salary Data by Gender, Rank, and Years since Degree” in both table and scatter plot form for each academic unit (school or department). These data are available to you through the My-UW-Madison portal. You can log on to the portal from any computer at Enter your Net ID and Password, and select the “Services” tab when you access the portal. On the Services page, click the “More” button at the top left; check the “Academic Planning and Analysis” box to add this module, then click “Update.” You will find the salary data under the Academic Planning and Analysis section on the Services page. If you do not remember your Net ID or Password, the DoIT Help Desk (264-HELP) will assist you. Access to these data through the My-UW-Madison portal is currently available only to individuals with faculty standing. If a department administrator, assistant dean, or other non-faculty member needs to use the data to perform his or her job duties, please contact Margaret Harrigan ( or 3-7141) for access.

Please keep in mind that these salary tables and scatter plots presume a straight-line relationship between salary and time from highest degree. Variations from the line result from differences in other factors – principally, differences in performance. Therefore, these tables and plots should be used only as a starting point for assessing whether an individual’s salary is appropriately related to career merit. For example, an individual whose salary is about average (near a regression line for salary vs. time since degree) may be underpaid on the basis of career merit relative to his or her peers if he or she is an exceptional performer. Or an individual whose salary is below average may be paid appropriately relative to career accomplishments. These determinations should be made using the guidelines in the salary equity review policy (see

Any salary adjustment will be made during the normal annual salary exercise. No special campus-level funding is available for equity pay adjustments. If adjustments are considered appropriate, they must be funded using existing funding sources: from the annual merit pool (which comes from campus funds); via regular promotion base adjustment (which comes from the unit’s continuing base budget); and/or as a base adjustment for “individual equity” under existing rules (which comes from the unit’s continuing base budget). There may be cases where an equity adjustment is warranted but the resources lacking. While the Provost Office is unable to provide funding, we would like to be informed about such situations.

Further Information and Questions:

Questions may be directed to Laurie Beth Clark, Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff Programs ( , ext 2-5246). Please contact Margaret Harrigan ( or 3-7141) if you have questions about the accuracy of the data.

NOTE: Certain elements of these data are collected from employees on the condition that the data will be used only for limited affirmative action and related University purposes. Therefore, your access to the data is with the understanding and agreement that you will not disclose them to others who do not themselves have access.