International volunteer opportunities available

The Virginia State University Farmer-to-Farmer program, which provides professional agricultural and techical assistance via volunteers to Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea, is currently recruiting volunteers.

Below is a list of projects that they hope to fill in the next 10 months (the number before the project title is the number of projects in that category).

(1) Potato Value Added/ Marketing project
(1) Sheep/goat grazing
(1) Sheep/goat body cond. training
(1) Small Ruminant marketing groups
(3) Marketing seed potatoes

(1) Dairy Waste management
(1) Feed plant management
(1) Dairy business management
(1) Dairy market development
(1) Dairy market development
(1) Dairy market development

(1) Veg marketing
(1) Dairy marketing
(3) livestock assignments
(1) Livestock marketing and slaughter
(3) Hides and skins
(1) vegetable nursery production
(1) drip irrigation

(1) Internal Parasite Management

(1) Feed resource utilization — grazing and browse identification
(1) Sheep/goat training manual

(2) Electronic Banking projects

Anyone interested in applying for one of these projects should send an electronic copy of their resume to:
Mary Albrecht
Recruiter, Virginia State University Farmer-to-Farmer Program
Phone: 715-257-7647