NIH awards prestigious fellowship to biochemistry post-doc

Matthew Allen, a postdoctoral researcher in the biochemistry department, has been selected as a recipient of a prestigious new fellowship. Allen was one of 58 young scientists nationwide selected for the Pathways to Independence Award, funded by the National Institutes of Health.

This newly established NIH award provides five years of financial support for promising researchers as they transition from mentored postdoctoral work, under the guidance of established scientists, to independent research efforts as leaders of their own labs.

“The program is designed to facilitate academic careers for outstanding young scientists by supporting them at the most critical stage of their careers,” says UW-Madison chemistry professor Laura Kiessling, one of Allen’s mentors.

Allen will use his grant to investigate chemical agents that may improve and expand the diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities of medical imaging techniques. He is working in collaboration with Kiessling and UW-Madison biochemistry professor Ron Raines.