Dean Jahn asks for help in identifying the College’s key business partners

The UW-Madison Office of Corporate Relations has compiled a list of companies that have been identified as important to the campus by deans and directors. These companies will be a focus for the OCR, which has the mission of creating and growing relationships between companies and the campus. Dean Jahn is seeking input from faculty and staff to ensure that this list accurately reflects the College’s important private sector partnerships.

OCR has created a spreadsheet that lists the companies and shows which schools and college’s have important relationships with each of these firms. The spreadsheet can be downloaded at

Dean Jahn encourages department chairs and others who have connections with businesses to review the spreadsheet. In particular, look at companies that are on the list but don’t have a checkmark under the “CALS” column. Please contact Ben Miller at or (608) 262-5570 if you feel a particular company should be of interest to CALS. The College’s administrative team will review the suggestions and provide a list to the Office of Corporate Relations of companies in which CALS has a strong interest.