Chair/Director responsibilities when signing the Extramural Support Transmittal Form

It’s important for researchers, department chairs and center directors understand what it means when a department chair or center director puts his or her signature on the Extramural Support Transmittal Form.

The Extramural Support Transmittal Form is an internal UW-Madison routing form used to expedite review and to request approval of all project proposals, applications, agreements, letters of intent, revisions, and related actions between the University and sponsoring entities. It is used for all extramural support transactions whether they route to Research and Sponsored Programs, the Provost’s Office, or other University Divisions involved with extramural support.

Signature by Department Chair(s)/Center Director(s) are required. In the absence of a Chair/Director, the Acting Department Chair/Center Director or Designee* may sign.
The Department Chair/Center Director signature confirms the following:

  • Submissions are in advance of deadlines and within lead time guidelines.
  • The individual listed as PI holds PI or Limited PI Status.
  • The materials being routed have been reviewed and found accurate/complete, including required clearances, budget, commitments involving space, faculty/staff time, and matching funds. (Materials in this instance does not include the science/project description describing the overall scientific, instructional, or outreach narrative of the proposal.)
  • The proposed project is appropriate in nature and scope and consistent with the departmental and institutional mission.
  • Potential conflicts of interest are identified and/or eliminated.
  • Effort commitments for individuals do not exceed 100%. (Total is inclusive of all university commitments within their given appointment.)
  • Cost sharing/matching is not included unless required. Required commitments have been discussed with CALS Research Division and appropriate paperwork documenting commitments has been included.

*Individuals approving as Acting Department Chair/Center Director or Designee need to assure that copies of the transmittal form and all related paperwork are provided to the Department Chair/Center Director. The Department Chair/Center Director are expected to be informed of these actions. Departments should maintain appropriate systems for retaining copies of these actions and approvals.