Jersey association honors Clarence Olson

Clarence C. Olson, emeritus professor and Extension specialist with the CALS dairy science department, was awarded the “Award of Meritorious Service” by the American Jersey Cattle Association.

Olson was cited for his research in developing better methods of testing for milk components, especially protein. This work enabled Jersey breeders to receive premiums for the extra protein naturally found in Jersey milk, thus improving farm income for Jersey breeders and dairymen throughout the nation. These standards were also adopted by National DHIA and are basic to this national program.

Olson was further recognized for proposing a program called “Genetic Recovery” whereby offspring of grade Jerseys can now trace a heritage to this genetic recovery program.

He also served as assistant and superintendent of the Jersey show at World Dairy Expo, which has grown from 74 head at the first show to more than 400 head in recent years.