UW-Madison Lectures Committee solicits requests for support to bring speakers to campus

The UW-Madison Lectures Committee is soliciting applications for support of public lectures to be held during the 2006-2007 academic year. The Lectures Committee supports departments, academic programs and student organizations that bring distinguished lecturers to the UW-Madison campus. These university-wide lectures are intended to enrich the general intellectual and cultural life of the university community. The committee itself generally does not initiate lecture arrangements. Rather, it receives and acts on requests from eligible university groups that are interested in inviting outstanding speakers to the campus.

As stated in Faculty Policies and Procedures, the function of the committee is to consider “requests for lectures of general interest that are not primarily supplementary to or extensions of programs of instruction
provided by colleges, schools or departments.”

Potential applicants should read the document “Policies and Guidelines for Requesting Lectures Committee Support.” To be considered by the committee, applications must conform to specifications in this document. In particular, the lecture date, time and location must be consistent with the committee’s policies, even if the proposed lecture is part of a larger conference. Applications must be submitted on current (2006-2007) forms. Access the “Policies and Guidelines” document and the support request form on-line at or call 262-3956 to request paper copies.

The committee reviews new requests once each month. Applications are due by the 15th day of the month. Refer to the schedule below to determine the time period for submitting a new request:

If the date of your proposed
lecture occurs in: Submit your application:
—————————- ———————————–
January 2007……any time prior to November 15 2006
February 2007….any time prior to December 15 2006
March 2007……..any time prior to January 16 2007
April 2007……….any time prior to February 15 2007
May 2007………..any time prior to March 15 2007
June 2007……….any time prior to April 16 2007

Applications will be accepted as long as funds are available. We encourage you to share this memorandum with your colleagues, especially those likely to initiate requests for university-wide lectures. If you have other questions about the Lectures Committee or would like additional information, please contact Joe Farrenkopf at or 262-3956.