Submit a proposal to the 2007 Teaching and Learning Symposium

The UW-Madison’s 9th Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium is seeking proposals for sessions that fit with the event’s theme: Enriched Learning for All. The deadline for proposals is January 16, 2007. The symposium itself takes place May 30-31 at the Pyle Center.

Call for proposals
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The 9th Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium is a two-day campus event for faculty, staff, post-docs and graduate students aimed at improving the quality of teaching and learning. This event brings together people who teach and support learning at UW–Madison to explore themes of mutual interest, share best practices, design solutions, and celebrate our accomplishments.

This year’s theme, “Enriching Learning for All,” weaves together two important campuswide goals embedded in teaching and learning on the UW–Madison campus.

First, we are committed to ensuring that all of our students have academic enrichment opportunities built into their education. “Academic enrichment” includes a wide range of in- and out-of-the-classroom experiential learning activities such as honors courses and programs, undergraduate research experiences, service learning and internships, study abroad and other international experiences, technology-mediated enrichments, and participation in residential and other learning communities. These hands-on, and often collaborative, academic activities support academic and personal growth. Providing opportunities to link classroom learning to larger world experiences presents challenges for pedagogy, curriculum development, and support of teaching and learning. We encourage sessions that explore ways of doing so effectively.

Second, we are committed to creating a learning environment that responds to students’ diverse needs and backgrounds and that assists them in preparing for citizenship in a diverse and global world. This presents a number of challenges. How do we structure academic opportunities so that they reach students with varying learning styles and from diverse backgrounds? What are good practices that respond to student needs across particular aspects of diversity, such as race, generation, first generation college students, or disability, and how do we work with intersections across multiple aspects? How can we create enriched academic opportunities that assist students in preparing for citizenship in a diverse and global world? How can we move beyond thinking about diversity only in the context of our ethnic studies requirement?

We seek proposals for sessions that explore ways we can offer all of our students an enriched learning experience. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to:

  • using the world outside the campus as a classroom
  • successful models of enriched, experiential teaching and learning as a part of undergraduate, graduate, and professional education
  • models of enriched learning in particular disciplinary/interdisciplinary contexts
  • inclusive teaching practices to engage diverse students in enriched, experiential learning
  • models for expanding the content of our courses to include broader aspects of diversity
  • using technology to enhance learning
  • assessment of learning and the ways it can be used to enrich students’ learning experiences

Sessions will be 60 minutes in length and can be panels, presentations with discussions, or roundtable discussions. Complete and submit a proposal on-line by visiting here. For questions, contact Laurie Mayberry at 262-5246 or For information about last year’s symposium, visit