Tell us: What are the important issues facing the UW-Madison?

The University Committee wants to know what you think are the important challenges and opportunities facing the UW-Madison. In September, the Committee began an initiative to define a set of issues on which the Faculty Senate and the University Committee can take leadership. The University Committee asked each Senator to gather ideas and concerns from his or her colleagues. Specifically, Senators were asked to either:

Option 1: Poll their colleagues, e.g. at a department meeting

Option 2: Invite a UC member to come to their department — at a department meeting, a lunch, or other get-together — for a 20-minute discussion. Committee members are eager to do this. Contact David Musolf ( or a UC member to set up such a meeting.

If you can’t take advantage of either of these opportunities, seek out your Senator and let him or her know what challenges and opportunities you believe are facing the campus. Our plan is to prioritize ideas at the December 4 Senate meeting. For this to happen, UC members need to have received input from Senators or attended a department meeting by November 17.

— Bill Tracy, Professor of Agronomy and University Committee member