Research hot topics and FAQs

Lead Time on Proposals: The Research Division has an established policy on proposal delivery: one week prior to the agency deadline. For a pdf factsheet on the policy: ( Please plan ahead, keep us informed, and let us know how best we can assist with your submissions.

Proposal Routing: All proposals must route from the PI to the PI’s Department to CALS Research Division to RSP for review and approval prior to submission. This includes: intents to submit, pre-proposals, full-proposals, revisions, renewals, continuations, supplements, subcontracting proposals, and the like. RSP is the institutional authority delegated by the Board of Regents to submit proposals on behalf of PIs for the UW-Madison. Submissions without full campus approval will not be supported. All actions require use of the campus Extramural Support Transmittal form, available online at

Survey: As part of an ongoing survey of the Research Division’s internal process, Investigators and Department Administrators will receiving a short (8-question) survey. The survey, administered by the UW Survey Center, will be distributed by mail in November. Questions will focus on the proposal submission process in the Research Division. Your input is important to us. Please take a moment to respond. The staff of the Research Division thanks you in advance for your willingness to help us better understand your research support needs.