FP&M facility updates for August

These highlights were included in an August 19, 2021 message to building managers from Facilities, Planning and Managment (FP&M).

Masking Signage on Exterior Doors

Campus has developed signage for building entrances to reflect the campus guidelines for face coverings/masks. Physical Plant has recently completed the installation of these signs.

Please do not remove, tamper with, or obscure masking signs on exterior doors in any way. 

If you encounter a sign that you believe has been posted in error, an entrance missing a sign, or a sign that needs replacement, please contact Physical Plant Customer Service.

Hand Sanitizer in Public Areas

Physical Plant will continue to stock and maintain hand sanitizing stations located at building entrances and in high volume areas in many campus buildings. Please note that this applies only to buildings normally serviced by Physical Plant.

Cleaning and Disinfection in Classrooms

Physical Plant will return to pre-pandemic cleaning procedures and protocols in classrooms, all public areas, and private offices. We have discontinued the provision of wipes, spray disinfectant, and paper towels in classrooms. Campus units may still order bottles of spray disinfectant and paper towels for use in their areas from ShopUW+ (see below).

Ordering COVID-related Supplies from ShopUW+

Cleaning/disinfecting supplies or PPE needed for regular, ongoing day-to-day operations (such as masks, mask fitters, gloves, face shields, and gowns) will continue to be available at no cost through ShopUW+ until current inventories are exhausted.

Once that occurs, these items should be procured by each campus unit from other ShopUW+ vendors using normal purchasing practices.

Some other items, such as Plexiglass shields, are also available from ShopUW+ at departmental cost. Please note that the installation of items such as Plexiglass shields must be performed by Physical Plant and will require departmental funding.