Updated ordering details: CALS-specific information on how to obtain PPE for work activities

As the UW–Madison campus gears up for a Smart Restart, new processes are being launched to help members of the campus community obtain the personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitation supplies they need to safety do their jobs and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This document provides current CALS-specific information on how these processes will work to obtain COVID-19-related supplies for:

(1) instructor and classroom needs
(2) lab and office needs

(1) Instructor and classroom PPE

Face shields and cloth masks will be provided to all instructors and teaching assistants who will be engaged in face-to-face instruction this fall. This instructor PPE will be purchased by central campus and delivered to Ag Hall. Full details for distribution to departments will be shared with department chairs and administrators shortly, and is anticipated to involve having departmental representatives pick up PPE at Ag Hall at scheduled times. Departments will need to distribute supplies to their instructors. PPE distribution is expected to take place during the week of Aug 24. In addition to PPE for their own use, instructors will also receive disposable masks to provide to students in their classrooms, in case they are needed.

All classrooms—including general assignment and department-controlled rooms—will be supplied by campus with cleaning supplies. At the beginning of each class, students will be responsible for cleaning the space they will occupy during class. Each classroom will receive one intensive cleaning per day by UW Facilities Planning and Management, and high touch areas of buildings will also be cleaned mid-day (e.g. door handles, elevator buttons).

(2) Lab and office PPE

UW­–Madison recently launched a new, centralized process for procurement and distribution of PPE and other supplies related to COVID-19 prevention that are commonly requested by labs, departments and administrative units. Items that can be ordered include cleaning and disinfecting supplies, individual use hand sanitizer, branded and nonbranded face coverings, disposable procedure masks, gloves and face shields. A detailed list of these items is copied below.

Purchases will be funded by central campus and must be ordered through an authorized divisional staff member. As a first step, each department or unit must designate a COVID-19 PPE and Supplies Coordinator. This person will be responsible for receiving order forms from within the department or unit, consolidating the orders into one departmental or unit-wide order form, and then sending the completed form to Mandy Goetsch (, executive assistant in the CALS Office of the Dean and Director, who will place weekly orders on behalf of the college. Departmental and unit order forms must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday of each week to be included in the weekly CALS order. Unit COVID-19 PPE and Supplies Coordinators are also responsible for distributing items within their unit once they are received.

Important note: This process should only be used to order PPE and supplies related to COVID-19 prevention. PPE and cleaning supplies that labs and offices use as part of their normal operations should be purchased per usual. Normal methods may also be used to purchase COVID-19-related PPE and supplies that are not available through this process.

Instructions for Placing and Receiving an Order

Labs or other areas requesting items:

  1. Complete both tabs in the Smart Restart Covid-19 PPE & Supplies Order Form 12-28-2020. Descriptions of the PPE and supplies available through this process can be viewed by signing into the Shop@UW website and following the instructions in this How to find Smart Restart items document.
  2. Send the completed form to your unit’s COVID-19 PPE and Supplies Coordinator.
  3. Pick up items at a designated area established by your unit and/or the COVID-19 PPE and Supplies Coordinator.

COVID-19 PPE and Supplies Coordinator:

  1. Consolidate all order forms received into one departmental or unit-wide Smart Restart COVID-19 PPE & Supplies Order Form. Please complete the shipping information section in its entirety. Missing information could delay delivery. The location listed is where all of the materials will be shipped.
  2. Submit the completed form to Mandy Goetsch ( by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday of each week to be included in the weekly order.
  3. Orders will be shipped to the location listed on the order form. If the shipping location is on campus, the order will typically take 2 business days to arrive.
  4. Once orders are received, distribute items to those who placed orders.

Below is a list of items that can be ordered through this process: