Science Expeditions 2012—Host an exploration station, or sign up to help on April 14

Attention science outreachers and student groups:

We invite you to participate in our 10th Annual Science Expeditions 2012 on Saturday, April 14th. Science Expeditions is an annual event that welcomes the community to campus and promotes the understanding and appreciation of science among the public. It also helps students at all levels develop important communication skills. It’s a great opportunity to convey the wonders of science and advance the Wisconsin Idea. This year’s event will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the magnificent Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery and other venues throughout campus.

Science Expeditions features approximately 50 Exploration Stations plus Science Spectaculars. These are interactive exhibits (mostly table-top) that provide hands-on activities for kids and families to engage them in the fascinating research happening every day at the University of Wisconsin. They are hosted by many members of the campus scientific community, including students, faculty, and staff. Science Expeditions also includes many Science Spectaculars throughout the day at different venues throughout campus: Wonders of Physics, SPICE demonstration shows, Astrophotography from your backyard and Dinosauria. Please Join Us!

Participants can request up to $200 to develop and present quality display materials for their Exploration Station.

Science Expeditions is hosted by the Science Alliance, a group of science outreach activists from around campus.

The Exploration Stations planning team:

Ana Garic,, 262-9346
Brittland DeKorver,, 262-1511
Troy Dassler,
Chris Moore,, , 877-2137
Tom Zinnen,, 265-2420
Donna Troestler,, 263-2183