CALS in the News for the Week of April 25 –29

In the News

Wisconsin facing a dairy deficit
GazetteXtra 4/26/2011
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Ag and Applied Economics
Quoted: Ed Jesse, Ag and Applied Economics

Singing the praises of Wisconsin’s Learn To Hunt turkey program 4/25/2011
Quoted: Karl Malcom, Forest and Wildlife Ecology (grad student)
Quoted: Caitlynn Nemec, Forest and Wildlife Ecology (grad student)

Curiosities: Why do some vegetables get sweeter in the winter?
Wisconsin State Journal 4/24/2011
Quoted: Irwin Goldman, Horticulture

Learning curve steep for Cassvile plant now burning wood biomass
Wisconsin State Journal 4/26/2011
Quoted: Troy Runge, Biological Systems Engineering

Debate: What Gives a Food Summit Fire and Light?
The Atlantic 4/29/2011
Mentioned: Molly Jahn, Genetics

Laboski Honored for her Work with UW-Extension
Wisconsin Ag Connection 4/29/2011
Mentioned: Carrie Laboski, Soil Science

Biomedical firms co-founded by CALS researchers boost UW’s economic impact
eCALS 4/25/2011
Mentioned: Marcin Filutowicz, Bacteriology
Mentioned: Mark Cook, Animal Science

UW-Madison reconnects students with agriculture
Dairy Herd Network 4/26/2011
Mentioned: CALS Student Orgs

Editorial: Wedding coverage masking real issues
Green Bay Press Gazette 4/28/2011
Author: Jacqueline Hitchon, Life Sciences Communication

Cates: “Give PACE A CHANCE”
Agri-View 4/28/2011
Quoted: Dick Cates, Soil Science

Cheesemakers honor researcher
The Country Today 4/27/2011 (online subscription required)
Mentioned: Bill Wendorff, Center for Diary Research

60 Seconds @ Ag Day on Campus
Quoted: Julie Martin, Senior, Life Sciences Communication, Ag & Applied Economics

Of Interest

The Growing Food Crisis, and What World Leaders Aren’t Doing About It
Huffington Post 4/23/2011

World’s Poor ‘One Shock’ From Crisis as Food Prices Climb, Zoellick Says
Bloomberg 4/16/2011

Midwest Storms Delay Crucial Planting Season
The Wall Street Journal 4/25/2011

Index shows ag companies fare well in hard economy
Associated Press 4/25/2011

Editorial: Keep politics out of deer management
Sheboygan Press 4/27/2011