Sign up and spread the word: Darwin Day Feb. 10–12

This year Darwin Day will be celebrated on campus over three days, Feb. 10–12. This annual event, held around Charles Darwins’ birthday, is an opportunity to to learn and share knowledge about evolution. Please plan to attend, and please download, print and distribute this flyer to help publicize the program.

  • It starts Thursday with a Teacher’s Workshop and moves into a series of talks by evolution faculty, ending with a Thursday evening showing of Creation!
  • Friday, Jill Pruetz, primatologist, who has shown that chimpanzees make spears and carry them into battle, will give the keynote address.
  • Saturday, we will have our Tree of Life activities, along with two lectures by John Hawks and Karen Rosenberg, followed by a wrap-up panel discussion.

All events will take place in the new Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery.