Research computing at UW‐Madison ‐‐ A brainstorming session

Friday January 28th, 2011, 9:00‐11:50 Ebling Symposium Center Microbial Sciences Building, sponsored by the Information Technology Cmte (shared governance), the Office of the CIO, and the Graduate School. All faculty and staff are welcome to attend and discuss.

Our campus boasts some of the most accomplished research computing groups in the world, and dozens of PIs here run research groups that depend on computational methods. The aggregate skills, resources and expertise are enormous. BUT, Research Computing at UW‐Madison is difficult to navigate and in need of greater care and attention to keep us competitive, agile, creative, and efficient. There are hundreds of investigators who stand to benefit from a coordinated campus‐wide Research Computing activity that consolidates existing resources and expertise and directs future investments.

Overall Goals of the Brainstorming Session:
We are searching for concrete, realistic and achievable ways to improve research computing on our campus. At the end of the event on 1/28 we will summarize with a short list of action items for the CIO, Provost and Chancellor. Further plans will be drawn up and pursued.

Confirmed Presenters:

  • Den Negrut, Mechanical Engineering
  • Michael Witmore, English
  • Kevin Eliceiri, Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation
  • Miron Livny, Computer Science
  • Edgar Spalding, Botany
  • Qiang Cui, Chemistry

full invite: