Gear up for the job hunt: 10 Days of Career Services — Jan. 17–28

In preparation for the Spring Career and Internship Fair on January 25 – CALS Career Services is proud to host the “10 Days of Career Services”! Check out how you can get involved every day surrounding the fair!

January 17 – Get connected to Career Services!

All CALS undergrads have an account, if you forgot your password or have never logged in, use your full UW email and then click “Forgot Password”

Career Services Blog:

Facebook: CALS Career Services – UW Madison

January 18 – Prepare for the Week!

Check out the “Events” tab on BuckyNet:

View all the happenings on the Career Services Events Calendar

January 19 – Focus on Your Resume

9-11:30 a.m. 116 Ag Hall, Walk-in Resume Reviews

5 p.m. Location TBA, Genetics, Building an Effective Resume

January 20 – BuckyNet Walk-In Q/A

1:30-3:30, 116 Ag Hall – Drop in at your convenience and bring your laptop prepared with questions regarding BuckyNet. Never logged in? No problem, CALS Career Services can help you navigate this job and internship database and even make sure you have an account. Remember, all CALS Undergrads have an account – Grad students need to make a request.

Need some professional resumes? Stop in today and print your resume on our FREE Resume Paper.

January 21 – Ready, Set, Interview!

On your own time, think about the art of the interview. Make sure to check out the resources on the CALS Career Services website to help you nail your next interview! Also – watch the “Career Spots” video on interviewing found at the top on the page.

Today – drop in to 116 Ag Hall with specific interview questions from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

January 24 – Prepare for the Career Fair

5 p.m. 1360 Genetics, Making the Most of the Career Fair

7-9 p.m. 240 Steenbock Library, Walk-In Resume Reviews with the CALS Intern Ambassadors

January 25 – Career Fair Day!

9-11 a.m. 116 Ag Hall – Career Fair Cram Session, Drop in for a full list of employers attending the Spring Career and Internship Fair, come prepared with last minute questions and grab all the handouts you need to Cram for the Career Fair!

4:30 p.m., Kohl Center – Spring Career and Internship Fair

January 26 – Remember to Follow-Up!

On your own time, make sure to follow-up with all the employers that you met at the career fair. Handwritten thank you’s, email messages and even an electronic copy of your resume will make you stand out from the crowd. Also – many employers want you to complete a profile in the “careers” section of their website. Take the time to complete these follow-up items today.

January 27 – You Missed the Career Fair – Now what?!

3:30 p.m. 116 Ag Hall – Additional Job Search Tools. You missed the Spring Career and Internship Fair, but all is not lost! In this session we will talk about additional websites, events and even a list of companies and contacts that attended the fair that you can contact with your resume.

January 28 – Professional Expectations

5 p.m. Location TBA – You have prepared for the job market – you might even have a job lined up – now it’s time to prepare for the transition that lies ahead. Studies show that the transition from student to professional can be one of the hardest in our careers. CALS Career Services is here to help!

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