CALS in the News for the Week of Nov. 22 – Dec. 3

In The News

UW-Madison Soil Scientist named U.S. Professor of the Year
Wisconsin Agriculturist 12/2/2010
Quoted: Teri Balser, Soil Science

Researcher looks at ways to make fungicides safer and more effective
Boonville Daily News 11/30/2010
Quoted: Paul Esker, Plant Pathology

Farmland values continue to trend higher
Agri-View 11.24.2010
Quoted: Bruce Jones, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Ag engineer shares tips for top quality baleage
Agri-View 11/24/2010
Quoted: Kevin Shinners, Biological Systems Engineer

Wrapped baled silage growing in popularity
Agri-View 11/24/2010
Quoted: Kevin Shinners, Biological Systems Engineer

More Slug damage in 2010 in row crops, even alfalfa
Agri-View 11/24/2010
Quoted: Eileen Cullen, Entomology

Herbicide resistant weeds don’t respect state lines, growers warn
Agri-View 11/24/2010
Quoted: Tim Trower, Agronomy

Biofuel and bobwhites
The Columbus Dispatch 11/28/2010
Quoted: Tim Meehan, Entomology
Quoted: Claudio Gratton, Entomology

Cropp says dairy prices should improve
Agri News 11/18/2010
Mentioned: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Limited supply causes cost of butter to soar
Wisconsin State Journal 11/30/2010
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics

School for Beginning Market Growers Offered Jan. 14-16
Wisconsin Agriculturist 11/26/2010
Quoted: John Hendrickson, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

UW Farm Short Course Preview Days Planned Dec. 1-2
Wisconsin Agriculturist 11/26/2010
Mentioned: UW Farm Short Course

International Diary Short Course (video)
WMMB Wisconsin Dairy News
Quoted: Karen Nielsen, Dairy Science

Fungus-farming ants first to find natural pesticides
Tehran Times 11/29/2010
Quoted: Cameron Currie, Bacteriology

2011 still shaping up well for milk prices
Ag Weekly 11/24/2010
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Of Interest

Report Says Warming Could Double Food Prices
DairyHerd Network 12/2/2010

Bin buster: 2010 crop expected to be largest in state history
The Country Today 11/24/2010 (online subscription required)

Dairy Farmers Miss Boom Amid Milk Glut, Feed-Cost Surge
Bloomberg 11/29/2010

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