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Provost to instructors: Don’t let students’ snow-related problems hurt their grades

Students, staff and faculty will inevitably be concerned about how the campus closure on Wednesday will affect instructors’ expectations and students’ performance. The timing is unfortunate, given that we are in the last week of classes. We are asking all instructional staff to be sensitive to the impact of the closure and seek to ensure student success in every possible way.

Rather than attempt to resolve a host of individual situations, please adopt the general principal of “hold-harmless.” In essence, to the extent possible, ensure that instructional expectations and grading do not include any activities that would have occurred today.

In most cases, this approach will adequately address any concerns.

Deans and Chairs should ensure that all instructors and their students are aware of this expectation. This note will be posted to the main campus Web site to ensure maximum distribution. Students should contact their course supervisor or department chair as appropriate regarding any questions or concerns.

Finally, in rare cases there may be a need to add an exam, lecture, or review session in the next few days. Instructors should contact the Office of the Registrar at 262-6345, where staff will make every effort to assist with scheduling classroom space.

Thank you for all your efforts in making this accommodation.

Paul M. DeLuca, Jr.