Discover UW-Madison’s Delta program is a great way to build teaching skills

Graduate students, and their faculty mentors, in CALS are encouraged to consider the Delta program as a way to build teaching skills. In your time at UW you are building a research foundation that will set you on your career path…. for success in that career you will also want to develop teaching excellence, whether it be in academia, industry, or elsewhere. How can you learn to be both a forefront researcher and a superb teacher? The Delta Program in Research, Teaching, and Learning can help!

What is Delta?
The Delta Program is a research, teaching and learning community for faculty, academic staff, post-docs, and graduate students that will help current and future faculty succeed in the changing landscape of higher education. Through three core ideas: teaching-as-research, learning-through-diversity, and learning community, the Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning (Delta) supports current and future faculty in their ongoing improvement of student learning.

You are invited to learn more about Delta and get involved in the many exciting opportunities that we offer. Choose the level of involvement that is right for you and your time constraints, whether it is one of our programs, graduate courses, internship and certificate programs, monthly Roundtable Dinners, and workshops, or other opportunities.

Who will benefit from participating in Delta? Individuals who:

  • want to become better teachers;
  • seek a competitive edge in the academic or industry job market;
  • desire deeper engagement in a community of people who care about teaching and learning; or
  • want to learn about ways to address issues of diversity in their classrooms.

We welcome students at all stages of their graduate careers -Masters and PhD students, dissertators, TAs, PAs, RAs and postdocs. Anyone interested in improving their teaching in the college classroom, through informal science education, or elsewhere in their professional lives, is invited.

Feel free to browse our website to find out more about Delta ( and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or want to talk about some way to get involved. We look forward to hearing from you!

Barbara Ingham
Food Science Extension Specialist