Blood club donations outpace last year’s, but Type O negative in short supply

CALS and Friends One-A-Week Club donations have outpaced year-ago levels to date. Thanks to all of you who give the gift of life. Please note that the Type O negative blood supply has reached dangerously low levels; less than a one-day supply. If you are Type O negative and are eligible, please consider donating at a Madison Donor Center or blood drive soon.

If you are Type O negative, consider the R2/double red cell procedure, which is available at the Madison West Donor Center and at select blood drives. Requirements are: Male – must weigh 150 lbs or more – must be 5′ 1″ or over Female – must weigh 175 lbs or more – must be 5′ 5″ or over

Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE (800-448-3543) for more information, to make an appointment or inquire about blood drives that are collecting double red cells.

If you have any questions about the CALS and Friends One-A-Week Club #111 or about donating , please feel free to contact me at .