Reminder — Issues associated with Conversion to WISPER and PeopleSoft Grants

REMINDER— Issues associated with Conversion to WISPER and PeopleSoft Grants

Key deadlines associated with Program Release:

  • 1/31 Last day to process 88-1s (requests for advance account numbers)
  • 2/6 Last day for budget adds for existing Gift accounts
  • 2/13 PALS data entry stops. Historical inquiry access only after this date.

Key points to remember during the conversion process:

  • PALS and WISDM will be available during conversion. PALS data static as of 2/13; WISDM data static as of 2/8.
  • Proposals will still be submitted and agreement negotiations will continue but you will not be able to track them in any UW system after 2/13.
  • Normal financial reporting and invoicing will be halted. Emergency processing will be available on a limited basis.
  • Subaward preparation and negotiations will be available.
  • Normal payment processing of subaward invoices will not be available. Accounting Services will process Emergency Transactions on a very limited basis.
  • Checks will be deposited during the conversion period.
  • RSP will be in intensive training from Jan. 28-Feb. 25. Response time will be slow.
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