CALS in the News — Dec. 17–21

News about or of interest to CALS faculty and staff:

Outside the cracker box: Madison duo finds niche in specialty kitchen
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (12/15/07)
Quoted: Peter Potter, Food Science, (BS 2007)

Dairy Science Enrollment on the Rise
WKOW Channel 27 News (12/16/07)
Quoted: Ted Halbach, Dairy Science

Patients Turn to the Internet for Health Information
NPR (12/17/07) (second item in list)
Quoted: Suzanne Pingree, Life Sciences Communication, Engineering Experiment Station

Deltanoid gets $12 million in financing
Wisconsin State Journal (12/17/07)
Quoted: Hector DeLuca, Biochemistry

Deltanoid gets $12 million in financing: WARF director will join medical start-up’s board
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (12/17/07)
Mentioned: Hector DeLuca, Biochemistry
Quoted: Carl Gulbrandsen, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Quoted: Tom Still, Life Sciences Communication

2008 UW Dairy Science Golf Classic Set
Wisconsin Agriculturist (12/18/07)
Quoted: Ric Grummer, Dairy Science, Chair

Modernizing farm takes careful planning
The Country Today, 5B (12/19/07)
Quoted: Brian Holmes, Biological Systems Engineering

Greenhouse energy saving depends on economics, plant needs
The Country Today, 5A (12/19/07)
Quoted: Scott Sanford, Biological Systems Engineering, Agricultural and Applied Economics
(access article online with free subscription)

Curiosities: Onion’s defense against pests makes people teary
Wisconsin State Journal (12/20/07)
Quoted: Irwin Goldman, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Assistant Dean; Horticulture

Topics of Interest:
The power of public-private partnerships
Wisconsin State Journal (12/17/07)
Quoted: Carl Gulbrandsen, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Mentioned: James Thomson, School of Medicine and Public Health

DNA as art: Scientist offering cell portraits
Wisconsin State Journal (12/16/07)
Quoted: Phillip Fisette, (BS Genetics, Bacteriology; PhD Cellular and Molecular Biology

Schools’ research bearing fruit
Kansas City Star (12/17/07)

UW-Madison University Communications News Release (12/17/07)
Quoted: James Dumesic, Engineering

2007 stem cell breakthrough is ‘like turning lead into gold’
Associated Foreign Press (12/18/07)
Mentioned: James Thomson, School of Medicine and Public Health

Outdoors: Global warming a hot topic at Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference
The Capital Times (12/19/07)

Person of the Year, People Who Mattered: Junying Yu, James Thomson and Shinya Yamanaka
Time (12/19/07)

UW-Madison University Communications News Release (12/19/07)

Holiday promotion features local products
The Country Today, D1 (12/19/07)