CALS and Friends One-A-Week Club — Give the gift of life

The CALS and Friends One-A Week Club #111 in conjunction with the American Red Cross has donated 104 pints of blood to date! Last year we had a total of 84 pints. Thanks to all of you who had donated the gift of life. As a One-A-Week Blood Donor Club, the group will make a commitment to give at least 52 pints of blood per year at the American Red Cross donation sites. All they need is 26 people who will commit to two donations a year, 18 people who will give three donations a year, or any combination yielding at least 52 donations. Donors may safely give blood every eight weeks.If you are at least 17 years old, in good health and weigh at least 110 pounds, you can give blood. The entire process takes about one hour; the actual donation time is about eight minutes. Because your blood donation is broken into several components, it may help save the lives of three people!

When you, friends or family make a blood donation at any Red Cross blood drive, Union South/Youngblood or the Red Cross Center all you have to do to credit the club is record your donation in the One-A-Week record book at the refreshment table following your donation. If you are at a blood drive & no record book is available you can email Julie Young ( & she will assure UW CALS & Friends (Club #111) is credited.