CALS graphics and style guide

Since 2001 the University of Wisconsin-Madison has used a unified institutional logo and a set of usage guidelines to project a consistent and readily identifiable image to its many constituents.

The UW Crest is the unifying visual element for the UW-Madison

The online style guides prepared by University Communications at include complete information about UW-Madison’s Crest logo and graphic identity. You’ll also find standards for Web sites, details about editorial style and communications policies ranging from copyright statements to appropriate use of photography.

  • By adopting the UW Crest for its graphic identity the College is able to share the prestige and influence of the UW-Madison and demonstrate that it is an integral part of that institution.
  • By having its own logo the College is able to maintain a separate and distinct identity.
  • By adopting a unified CALS graphic identity, we are reflecting the strength of our institution.

Using the CALS logo


The CALS logo was designed for use on College publications, websites, posters and other items. It is based on the UW Crest and uses the same three colors: metallic gold pms 873, red pms 200 and black. It is available in various file formats and numbers of colors, depending on the specific need. For file formats other than what you see here, please contact Diane Doering at or (608)262-1988.

Download CALS logos here:

Ordering stationery

Letterhead, business envelopes and business cards are standard for all units within UW-Madison. These formats, featuring the UW logo, are provided by University Communications and can be accessed through the UComm website. Typesetting is provided free of charge, and printing is handled through DoIt Publications and Printing. Complete instructions for ordering, along with rates, are posted on the web site at

How to fit CALS into standard UW stationery

Click on the samples of CALS stationery and business cards below for suggestions on incorporating “College of Agricultural and Life Sciences” into standard UW stationery.



Download CALS PowerPoint template here:



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