CALS in the News –November 26- December 3

News about or of interest to CALS faculty and staff…

Milk Price Formula Helps Explain Market Fluctuation
Agri-View (11/16/07)
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Ag Dean Talks About Bioenergy at Co-ops’ Meeting
Agri-View (11/21/07)
Quoted: Molly Jahn, Dean College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

That Nasty Smell on Dishrags Is From Bacteria And Fungi
Wisconsin State Journal (11/22/07)
Quoted: Charles Kaspar, Bacteriology

Prion discovery surprises
Wisconsin State Journal (11/25/07)
Quoted: Joel Pederson, Soil Science
Quoted: Judd Aiken, School of Veterinary Medicine, the Nelson Institute

Turf Patterns Rely On Light Tricks (11/25/07)
Wisconsin State Journal (11/25/07)
Quoted: John Stier, Horticulture

Nanotech’s Health, Environment Impacts Worry Scientists
UW-Madison University Communications (11/26/07)
Quoted: Dietram A. Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication

Typewriter, Butterfat Tester, Blender On State’s Can-do List
Wisconsin State Journal (11/28/07)
Mentioned: Stephen M. Babcock

Two Bt Traits, ‘Stacks’ Demand Different Refuges
Agri-View (11/29/07)
Mentioned: Eileen Cullen, Entomology
Mentioned: Richard Proost, Horticulture

Reykjavik connection: How teamwork produced a stem-cell breakthrough
Wisconsin Technology Network (11/29/07)
By: Tom Still, Life Sciences Communication
Mentioned: James Thomson, School of Medicine and Public Health
Quoted: Carl Gulbrandsen, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Agricultural Plan for Wisconsin
Channel 13 WEAU (Western Wisconsin) (11/29/07)
Quoted: Dick Wolkowski, Soil Science

UW researcher develops test to weed out diseased potatoes
Wisconsin State Journal (11/29/07)
Quoted: Zahi Atallah, Plant Pathology
Mentioned: Walt Stevenson, Plant Pathology

Curiosities: Rely on specific gravity to tell you why wood floats
Wisconsin State Journal (11/29/07)
Quoted: Scott Bowe, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Climate change: seeing the invisible, grasping the untouchable
Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine (12/07)
(Second in list), Project funded by a Baldwin Grant submitted by Dolly Ledin & David Mladenoff

Kill the Cat that Kills the Bird
New York Times (12/02/07)
Mentioned: Stanley Temple, Forest and Wildlife Ecology–birds-t.html&tntemail0=y&emc=tnt&pagewanted=all&oref=slogin&oref=login

Topics of Interest:

News and Notes: Abelson Seminar: Searching for Climate Change’s “Tipping Points”
Science (11/07)
Mentioned: Francis Halzen, Physics

Wisconsin Group Welcomes Stem-Cell Advance, Despite Potential Effect on Its Patents
Chronicle of Higher Education (11/26/07)
Quoted: Carl E. Gulbrandsen, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

UW System CIO criticizes IT requirements in state budget
Wisconsin Technology Network (11/26/07)
Quoted: Ed Meachen, Associate Vice President of Learning and Information Technology

After Stem-Cell Breakthrough, the Work Begins
The New York Times (11/27/07)
Quoted: James A. Thomson, School of Medicine and Public Health

Bill Berry: We must protect our land from bioenergy abuse
The Capital Times (11/27/07)

Town to Face Realtors, Builders In High Court: The State Supreme Court Will Take Up Their Spat Over A Development Moratorium Thursday
The Wisconsin State Journal (11/28/07)

140-year-old tree to be cut down by city
Badger Herald (11/28/07)

Virent CEO Eric Apfelbach To Speak On Green Business At WARF’s Gilson Discovery Series
UW-Madison University Communications (11/29/07)

Secretary Nilsestuen Names Randy Romanski DATCP Deputy Secretary
Agri-View (11/29/07)