CALS in the News — Nov. 12–19

News about or of interest to CALS faculty and staff

Outdoor Wisconsin: Deer Hunt 2007
Wisconsin Public Television (11/08/07)
Quoted: Tim Van Deelen, Forest and Wildlife Ecology, on estimating Wisconsin’s deer population

Why Wildfires Get Worse and Worse
Wall Street Journal (10/27/07)
Quoted: Volker Radeloff, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

The Fire This Time
Time Magazine (10/25/07)
Quoted: Volker Radeloff, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Housing: Location Key With Environmentally Friendly Cluster Developments
Science Daily (10/26/07)
Quoted: Volker Radeloff, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Air Inferiority: Is “Run!” the new strategy against firestorms on California’s urban fringe?
LA Weekly (10/31/07)
Quoted: Volker Radeloff, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

UW-Kemp Station: Unique Venue for Research, Public Outreach
The Lakeland Times Sports/Outdoors (11/09/07)
Quoted: Tom Steele, Kemp Ag Research Station, Scott Craven, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
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Scientists trace evolution of the eye
Twin Cities Pioneer Press/McClatchy Newspapers (11/10/07)
Quoted: Sean Carroll, Genetics

Growing new interest: Schools planting fresh mix of ag, tech ed courses
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (11/10/07)
Mentioned: Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

UW-Madison University Communications (11/13/07)
Quoted: John Hendrickson, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

New Test Can Curb Loss of Potatoes in Storage
Agri-View (11/16/07)
Quoted: Zahi K. Atallah, Plant Pathology

Iranian scientist makes new sweetener
PressTV (11/17/07)
Mentioned: Fariba Asadi, Biochemistry

Cabbage, kale: more than food
Baltimore Sun (11/17/07)
Quoted: Susan Mahr, Horticulture

Draft horse trade struggles amid new challenges: Ban on slaughter, increasing price of hay glutting horse market
Kentucky Herald Leader (11/19/07)
Quoted: Dan Undersander, Agronomy

Topics of Interest:

State Biotech Execs: Full Speed Ahead
The Capital Times (11/09/07)

Vet Aims for Cow Comfort
Wisconsin State Journal (11/10/07)
Quoted: Kenneth Nordlund, School of Veterinary Medicine

Starting a business on menu at Memorial Union
Wisconsin State Journal (11/12/07)

New firms look to get launched: Madison event lets 21 companies make pitch to would-be investors
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (11/12/07)

For the Record: In Tests of Inhalers, Results May Depend on Who Pays
The New York Times (11/13/07)
Mentioned: F. Javier Nieto, School of Medicine and Public Health

Group forms plan to plug brain drain: State urged to build economy, attract talent
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (11/14/07)