New CALS International Speakers Grants — apply by Jan. 1

The CALS International Committee invites CALS departments, institutes, centers, and student organizations to submit proposals to bring to campus speakers who will enhance the College’s international dimensions in any of a number of ways, such as by addressing important international issues, and/or bringing expertise from another country, or furthering relations with international institutions, etc.

Applications are due January 31, 2008, and the funds must be spent within one year. A total of $1,000 is available this round, and in subsequent rounds $2,000 will be available. The maximum grant is $1,000.

Please provide the following information in no more than two pages:

  1. Unit(s) submitting proposal (submissions by more than one unit are welcome)
  2. Contact person’s name, email, and phone
  3. Speaker’s name, title, and home institution
  4. Brief explanation of the speaker’s qualifications (alternatively, you may attach the speaker’s CV or other evidence of qualifications)
  5. Title/subject of public lecture/seminar and anticipated audience (nature and number)
  6. Other activities planned for the speaker, e.g., teaching classes, meetings with students or faculty, radio show, community outreach, etc. (optional/encouraged)
  7. Brief explanation of how this speaker will enhance internationalization within your unit (required); and beyond (optional/encouraged).
  8. Amount requested.
  9. (Optional) Source and amount of other funds you will use or will apply for to supplement this grant. Note: Information for this proposal is very similar that requested by the University Lectures Committee. Their average award is about $1,000, and the success rate is almost 90 percent.

Note: You need not secure the speaker’s agreement before submitting this proposal, but if you are proposing a very high profile speaker, please indicate why you expect her/him to accept your invitation. Speakers can come from the United States or other countries.