Seminar looks at switchgrass ecology, genetics, agronomics, economics and feedstock properties — Nov. 13

USDA-ARS geneticist Ken Vogel will present a seminar on switchgrass for bioenergy on Tuesday, November 13. The seminar, titled Ecology, Genetics, Agronomics, Economics, and Feedstock Properties of an Emerging Energy Crop, is scheduled for 3:30 pm on Nov. 13 in the Ebling Symposium Center of the Microbial Sciences Building. Vogel works at the Grain, Forage, and Bioenergy Research Unit at Lincoln, NE and has an active switchgrass breeding and evaluation program. His breeding expertise and collaborative efforts are focused on developing switchgrass, a native prairie grass, as a biomass energy crop that may yield twice the ethanol of corn. As a perennial plant, switchgrass has advantages of not needing annual planting and tillage, saving soil and energy.

Please help publicize this event. Download the switchgrass seminar flyer.

The seminar is presented as the annual Dale Smith Lecture, hosted by the Department of Agronomy.