CALS IN THE NEWS—Week of October 15-19

News stories about or of interest to CALS faculty and staff

PDPW Dairy Policy Summit Set Oct. 30-31 in Middleton
Agri-View (10/11/07)
Mentioned: Molly Jahn, Dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Boggy Lakes May Increase Global Warming
Wisconsin State Journal (10/14/07)
By: Ron Seely, Life Sciences Communication

Providing a Healthy and Local Alternative to Junk Food Hot Lunches
Willy Street Co-op Reader (10/2007)
Mentioned: Doug Wubben, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

A Better Way to Study Microbes
Wisconsin State Journal (10/14/07)
By: Ron Seely, Life Sciences Communication
Quoted: Jo Handelsman, Plant Pathology

Flying in the Face of Logic
The Chicago Tribune (10/15/07)
Quoted: Anna Pidgeon, Forest and Wildlife Ecology (Avian Ecology)

Study Finds Dairy Farming a Satisfying Profession—On Farms Big and Small
CALS Communications (via UW-Wisconsin University Communications) (10/18/07)
Quoted: Michael Bell, Sarah Lloyd, Rural Sociology

How Taters Taste: It’s the Starch, Stupid
Star (South Africa) (10/17/07)Quoted: John Bamberg, Horticulture

Lampert Smith: Times have changed for student protesters
Wisconsin State Journal (10/18/07)
By: Susan Lampert Smith, Life Sciences Communication

UW offers more ‘green’ for less
The Daily Cardinal (10/18/07)
Quoted: Sue Thering, Landscape Architecture

Solae sees opportunity to expand soy given rocketing dairy prices
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (10/18/07)
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Professor’s Film on Native American Soldiers to Air on PBS
CALS Communications (via UW-Wisconsin University Communications) (10/18/07)
Quoted: Patty Loew, Life Sciences Communications

Request For Yields From Corn Treated With Foliar Fungicides
Agri-View (10/18/07)
Mentioned: Paul Esker, Craig Grau, Plant Pathology, Bryan Jensen, Plant Pathology, Horticulture

School For Beginning Farmers Offers Distance Ed Classes
Agri-View (10/18/07)

Tip/UW-Madison Economist Contributed To World Bank Agriculture Report
CALS Communications (via UW-Wisconsin University Communications) (10/19/07)
Mentioned: Michael Carter, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Forest Producers Need To Innovate: Expert Speaks At National Tree Farmers Convention In Madison
Wisconsin State Journal (10/13/07)
Quoted: Steve Hubbard, Forest Ecology and Management, Research Assistant

WisBusiness: Stemina CEO Donley predicts next president will increase stem cell funding
WisBusiness.Com (10/19/07)
Quoted: Beth Donley, WARF. Mentioned: Gabriela Cezar, Animal Science

USDA Water Quality Grants Go to UW
Agri-View (10/18/07)

UW-Madison Contributes to Climate Change Research: Researchers Say Climate Change Poses Big Challenge
Channel 3000 (10/12/07)
Quoted: Jonathan Patz, Nelson Institute, John Magnuson, Limnology

UW faculty contribute to Gore’s, UN’s Peace Prize
Daily Cardinal (10/15/07)
Quoted: Jonathan Patz, Nelson Institute, John Magnuson, Limnology

Wisconsin seeks to regain its place in classified research
Wisconsin Technology Council (10/15/07)

‘Brilliant’ minds think alike — for good of mankind
USA Today (10/15/07)
Mentioned: Helen Blackwell, Chemistry

Study: 1 in 8 new moms drinks too much
The Capital Times (10/16/07)
Mentioned: Tanya Jagodzinski, Michael Fleming, School of Medicine and Public Health

New UW-Madison center to meet growing demand for sleep studies
Wisconsin State Journal (10/17/07)
Quoted: Ruth Benca, Director-Wisconsin Sleep, School of Medicine and Public Health

Researchers Examine World’s Potential to Produce Biodiesel
UW-Wisconsin University Communications (10/17/07)
Quoted: Matt Johnston, Nelson Institute
Mentioned: Tracey Holloway, Nelson Institute

Curiosities: Garbage is out of the bag at the dump
Wisconsin State Journal (10/18/07)
Quoted: Robert Ham, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Drug company ties pervade med schools
USA Today (10/18/07)

Clear About One Thing: These Medical Students Will Become Rural Doctors
UW-Wisconsin University Communications (10/18/07)
Quoted: Byron Crouse, School of Medicine and Public Health

Think tank looks to UW for innovation

The Badger Herald (10/19/07)
Quoted: Chancellor John Wiley

Wiley keynotes weekend energy talks

The Daily Cardinal (10/19/07)
Quoted: Chancellor John Wiley