CALS IN THE NEWS-Week of October 8-12

News about or of interest to CALS faculty and staff

Let’s Call it Badgerade
Chronicle of Higher Education (10/07)
Mentioned: K.J. Burrington, Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research

Wildfires Burn More Aggressively
Associated Press (10/2/07)
Quoted: Volker C. Radeloff, Forest Ecology and Management

Not Enough Yellow Jackets for Some Students
WKOW Channel 27 News (10/5/07)
Quoted: Phil Pelleteri, Entomology

‘It’s like a white flash’: As elusive as they are majestic, white deer haunt the North Woods
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (10/6/07)
Quoted: Brian Kirkpatrick, Animal Science, Dairy Science

Farm fresh, but at school: Kids get a taste of locally grown produce
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (10/6/07)
Quoted: Doug Wubben, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Teaching Tool: Home Built Of Straw And Clay Helps Owner Educate Others About Green Building
Wisconsin State Journal (10/7/07)
Quoted: Sue Thering, Landscape Architecture

Pumpkins splash into Mendota
Badger Herald (10/8/07)
Quoted: Jim Nienhuis, Horticulture

Science Helps So You Can Have a Crisp Apple a Day
The Capital Times (10/9/07)
By: Richard Hartel, Food Science

Gene Divided Reveals Details of Natural Selection
UW-Madison University Communications News Release (10/10/07)
Quoted: Sean B. Carroll, Genetics
Mentioned: Chris Todd Hittinger, former UW-Madison graduate student

Delicious Kudamushi Fruit Sushi A Winning Recipe
Wisconsin State Journal (10/10/07)

Study of Bacterial Communities May Provide Climate-Change Clues
UW-Madison University Communications News Release (10/11/07)
Mentioned: Joel Pedersen, Soil Science

Tip Sheet�Fall Planting Season
UW-Madison University Communications News Release (10/11/07)
Mentioned: Allen Centennial Gardens, Daughters of Demeter, Dennis Stimart, Horticulture

Nano doesn�t have a marketing problem� yet
NanoToday (10/07)
By: Dietram A. Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication

Primate Study Shows Excess Vitamin A Can be Stored During Fetal Development
UW-Madison University Communications News Release (10/08/07)
Quoted: Sherry Tanumihardjo, Nutritional Sciences
Mentioned: Jordan Mills, Nutritional Sciences

Smithies� Work at UW-Madison Underpinned Nobel Prize in Medicine
UW-Madison University Communications News Release (10/08/07)
Mentioned: Oliver Smithies, former UW-Madison professor of genetics

3 Win Nobel in Medicine for Gene Technology
The New York Times (10/9/07)
Mentioned: Oliver Smithies

Squirrels May Aid Transplants: A Study of Hibernating Squirrels Could Provide Better Ways of Preserving Human Organs Before Operations
Wisconsin State Journal (10/7/07)

Comp Time with Eric Sandgren: UW researcher defends university’s use of animal subjects
The Isthmus (10/10/07)

UW worries about ‘credential creep’ in awarding degrees
The Capital Times (10/10/07)