Dual-Choice Enrollment period is October 8

The annual Dual-Choice Enrollment period is October 8 – 26, 2007. During the Dual-Choice Enrollment period you may elect to: a) Change health plans or b) Change from single to family coverage without restrictions. These changes become effective on January 1, 2008.

New! This fall, for the first time, the “It’s Your Choice” book is being distributed to employees electronically. Simply click on this link <>
to review the various sections of the “It’s Your Choice” book. If you wish to review or obtain a paper copy of the 2008 “It’s Your Choice” book, please contact your campus benefits office. The health plans do not have supplies of the “It’s Your Choice” book.

The “It’s Your Choice” book contains important and useful information. Although we do not suggest that you print the entire book, you should retain the URL for reference throughout the year.

Be sure to review the “It’s Your Choice” book and pay particular attention to:

  • Page 3–Notable Plan and Program Changes. Any health plans that are new to the program, or that will no longer be available in 2008, will be indicated.
  • Pages A-14 thru A-14–the 2008 Health Plans by Tier to determine if your selected health plan is in the same Tier as it was in 2007. A change in the Tier will increase or decrease your monthly health insurance contribution.
  • Page D-2–Change to uniform benefits.
  • Pages D-5, D-6 and D-7–Schedule of Benefits.
  • Page G-8 thru G-51–your selected plan’s Plan Description Page to see if there is any change in basic dental coverage. Plans may add, change or drop dental coverage at their discretion.

All HMOs and WPS Patient Choice Plans provide a uniform set of benefits which are explained in Section D in the book, including the benefits and exclusions (does not apply to Standard Plan).

At this time the employee and employer premium breakdown is not known in the absence of the 2008-2009 pay plans and the passage of the new State udget.

If you wish to change plans or change from single to family coverage:
1. Complete the applicable health insurance application:
2. Deliver the completed application to your campus benefits office no later than 4:30 p.m. on October 26, 2007.

No action is necessary if you do NOT want to change plans or change coverage.


Don’t forget the Employee Resource and Benefits Fair – October 11, 2007.
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