CleanTech Partners, formerly known as the Center for Technology Transfer, has announced the availability of $500,000 in grants from the Forestry Research and Development Grants program.

The program, which supports the research, development, or commercialization of technologies that use forestry biomass as an energy or biochemical source, offers financial assistance that must be used as matching funds for a federal grant that may be received by the applicant’s team. The program will accept applications through October 15, 2007, and one or more awards are anticipated.

Eligible applicants are Wisconsin-based, nonprofit entities that are a member of a federally-funded project proposal. However, if a project that did not have a Wisconsin-based, nonprofit entity as part of their original federal grant proposal, it may add one to the project to comply with program requirements.

Program topics include research and development of technologies that use forestry biomass as an energy source, encouraging the use of forestry biomass as energy sources, increasing the beneficial use of forestry biomass, and encouraging the development of biochemicals from forestry biomass.

For application materials, contact Brent English at 608-203-0113 or visit the Clean Tech Partners website.