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News about CALS and issues of interest

Grad students feel money crunch — Isthmus (August 30, 2007)
Quotes Tim Donohue, Bacteriology and Mike Culbertson, Genetics

Japanese beetles are spreading in state gardens — Journal Times, Lee Newspapers (August 26, 2007). Quotes Phil Pellitteri, Entomology

A contender? Quintessence Biosciences has a chance at success with its incipient cancer drug — Wisconsin State Journal (August 26, 2007). Features Laura Kiessling and Ron Raines, Biochemistry,

Technique, safety key to tree climbing — Wisconsin State Journal (August 26, 2007). Mentions Joe House, 1995 Forestry Alum (Winner of WAA Tree Climbing Competition)

Know your Madisonians: Joachim “Joe” and Carol von Elbe — Wisconsin State Journal (August 26, 2007). Features Joachim “Joe” von Elbe, emeritus professor of food science

Floodwaters slowly receding in the Midwest — CBS Channel 42, Austin, Texas (August 27, 2007). Mentions Phil Pellitteri, Entomology

Questioned findings confirmed: The results of three papers by UW researcher appear valid, but possible grant fraud unresolved — The Scientist (August 27, 2007). Mentions Elizabeth Goodwin, former researcher in genetics; quotes William Mellon, Associate Dean, School of Pharmacy;

At Home in the Northwoods — UW Communications (August 27, 2007). Quotes Scott Craven, Department Chair, Wildlife Ecology; Fred Madison, Soil Science
Mentioned: CALS Kemp Research Station

New web site makes it easier to find, analyze dairy market data — CALS Communications, UW Communications (August 27, 2007). Quotes Brian W. Gould, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Hungry Insects Leave Clues to Impact of Climate Change — UW Communications (August 27, 2007). Quotes Rick Lindroth, Entomology; John Couture, Entomology; Tim Meehan, Entomology

Forces of Nature: Global sustainability starts at home — Madison Magazine (September 2007). Features Molly Jahn, Dean, CALS

Crazy About Corn — Madison Magazine (September 2007). Quotes Bill Tracy, Agronomy; Randy Fortenbery, Agricultural and Applied Economics; Jim Coors, Agronomy; Natalia de Leon, Agronomy

Good for Sperm, Bad for Children — ScienceNOW Daily News (August 28, 2007). Quotes James Crow, emeritus professor, genetics

Topics of interest

A new life for ‘dead nature’ — Capital Times (August 23, 2007). Mentioned: The Chazen Museum of Art

Kids’ tastes run to brands they know best — Los Angeles Times (August 27, 2007). Quotes Joanne Cantor, director of the Center for Communication Research

ED drugs may boost orgasm hormone — CBS News (August 27, 2007). Quotes Meyer Jackson, Physiology

Shrinking Sheena: Vaccine for obesity? I’d give it a shot — Salt Lake Tribune (August 28, 2007). Quotes Nikhil Dhurandhar, Medicine

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